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    Genevieve Clough

    My name is Genevieve and my gift is helping people step into Intuitive Knowing and Self-Trust. Whether you’re a natural empath who has had your sensitivity strengths invalidated throughout your life, or someone who simply feels like something subtle, yet important, is ‘missing’ from your life and you’d like to gain more clarity and confidence, then this work is for you. Your intuition has been working subconsciously for you your entire life, now it’s time to consciously claim ownership of this very powerful yet often misunderstood sense. You will gain confidence, knowing-ness in who you really are, and a deep sense of peace from re-building the loving connection between you and Source Energy.

  • Activate your Intuition Program

    8 or 16 week Mentorship Program

    Intuition Development Calls

    8 - (1) hour calls

    These calls are structured and highly personalized to the specific needs you’ll have when healing and awakening your intuitive gifts. The term of the mentorship typically takes place over a 4 month period with 2 one-on-one calls a month. A weekly option (2 month total term) is available at an additional charge.

    Integration Work

    Weekly integration soul work

    Time between calls is to ensure that “homework” has time to be practiced in the real world, and so that the body has time to fully integrate the new information, healing and energy updates.

    Personal Access

    Text & Email Options

    In between calls, you have access to Genevieve via text and email. During the 4 month (or 2 month) term she encourages mentees to reach out to her as they practice the psychic tools in their day to day life. She makes herself available to process one-on-one when emotional and spiritual triggers come up that are ready to be cleared

  • Results I Provide

    • Clarity in truly *knowing* and clearly understanding the intuitive information you receive

    • Deeper trust and follow through in you ability to take intuitive guidance and psychic downloads

    • Healing of subconscious emotional blocks and spiritual patterns that have kept you stuck and unable to follow your deeper intuitive knowing

    • Meet and build relationships with your specific Spirit Guides and gain a deeper understanding of your Higher Self

    • Finally “meet yourself” and receive deep clarity on who you really are in this lifetime and what dreams and goals you’d like to pursue in this life

    • An unshakable sense of emotional peace that naturally comes with untangling your energy from others

    • Specific tools that will give you the ability to energetically heal yourself and others, creating grounding chords, energy protection techniques, and …

    • A deeper sense of fulfilling connection to this world, both physically and spiritually

    • Self-confidence to speak more honestly, deeply and compassionately with others so as to speak your Truth without fear of others energy

  • Client Love

    What others have said about working with me

    Chelsae Zirna

    Empowerment Coach

    "I went through Genevieve's mentorship program in 2019 and she helped me tap into a part of myself that I didn't know existed. She taught me to ground my energy and introduced me to my healing master which has carried me well in public speaking. I am grateful for her work and guidance into the psychic realm of life. "

    Bitel Beyette

    Administrative Assistant

    "I was on the verge of making big life decisions and her readings were so helpful and healing. She was able to help me confirm the thoughts and feelings I have been having, and she helped give me the confidence to move forward knowing everything would turn out okay. I have seen her visions coming into fruition for my life. If you are looking for guidance, I can't recommend Genevieve enough. "

    Dara Madigan

    Yoga Instructor

    "What I liked about Genevieve is how up front she is about what she does. She is really here to serve as a guide for you to interpret your own energy as you decipher your own path. She provides a supportive environment that allows you to feel safe, feel vulnerable, and open up."